Click on the photos to enlarge. (Quilts marked *** is recently quilted). New photos *

Quiltmaking I - Fall 2005

The first class i took atThe Pine Needle Quiltshop in Lake Oswego.

Billie Mahorney

Strippiecing, maschinepieced and quilted.

Quiltmaking II & III Spring 2006

The Pine Needle

Billie Mahorney.

Starblocks, maschinpieced , "Twist & Turn". Sashing and Pieced border.

Maschine quilted by Jan Sims, Sisters OR


Painless Paperpiecing, May 2006

Story Quilt.

Marjorie Rhine.

Paperpiecing without sewing on the paper.

Radiant Suns - June 2006


The Pine Needle.

Salyann Gabriel.

Sewing curves without pinning.

Quilted by Janice Hays. Salem OR.

Primarily Piecing, June 2006

Story Quilt.

Helene Knott.

Different ways of piecing.

Grand Convergense, August 2006

Story Quilt.

Catherine Conkey.

Rickie Tims convergens tecnique.

Sassy Cirkles. October 2006

Story Quilt.

Catherine Conkey & Judy Johnsson.

Curves from templates and paperpiecing.

Wonders Great and Small. October 2006 Solgt

Story Quilt.

Judy Johnsson og Catherine Conkey.

One block Wonders, with big blocks included.

Woven with joy. November 2006

The Pine Needle.

Salyann Gabriel.


Stringpiecing workshop. November 2006

The Pine Needle

Linda Hoag

Foundationpiecing with strips.

Serenity Cirkles. February 2007 Solgt

The Pine Needle.

Maggie Hayes.

Curves cut out of strips. Elisa's Backporch Templates

Helix. March 2007

Pioneer Quilts

Kay Offt.

Curves with templates and Tri-rec.


Minilandscape - March 2007

Pioneer Quilts,

Helene Knott.

Landscape with Fusible web.

Billie's Stars, Febr-March 2007

The Pine Needle

Quiltmaking II, Billie Mahorney

Machinpieced starblocks. Designed with EQ6.


Quiltmaking III. April-May 2007

The Pine Needle

Billie Mahorney.

3 blocks made in to pillowcases.

Seasonal tablerunner - Nov. 2007

The Pine Needle

Maggie Hayes

Paperpiecing, Judy Niemeyer.

Illusions of Hawaii - November 2007

The Pine Needle.

Design and teacher: Billie Mahorney.

I choosed my colours from 2 photo's from Hawaii, one with the ocean and one with the sunset.

Postcard - February 2008

A Common Thread

Helene Knott

Minilandscape on postcards

Blendable Curves - March 2008

The Pine Needle - Maggie Hayes

Free style curves.

One-Block Wonders encore - October 2008

A combination of hexagons, octagons and hollow cubes.

The Pine Needle - Maggie Hayes

American Beauty, November 2008

The Pine Needle - Maggie Hayes

Freemotion quilted, for my daughter Trine.