Merethe Søby



Who am I ?



Tips and idears

My Fat Quarters and small pieces of fabric are organized in a CD cabinet. I turned it to make the rooms wider. The glass cabinet is also from Ikea.


When we moved to Lake Oswego, we lived in an aparte-ment where I didn't have a good sewing space, so I had to sew at the dining table. That's where I had to quilt the big quilt for my sister on my Bernina. But having taken a class from Mourine Noble - who is a famous quilter, and known in Denmark too - I thought, if she can do it, I can do it.


My new ironingboard




















































































































My cutting board is a kitchen cabinet from Ikea. I can recommend the cabinet, as it has the right height for cutting, and good storage - and it looks nice too. I love my Bernina sewing machines.


I enjoy my quilting room. I spend a lot of time there, and enjoy watching the ocean and my yard.                     I have a wonderful view.

My carpenter made this rack to displqy my quilts.