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I started doing patchwork in 1991, where a good friend showed me how to sew on paper. It took for ever to finish something and if then, only small pieces. But I managed to finish two bed quilts, which are shown in the gallery.

August 2005 I followed my husband relocating to Oregon, USA. I did not intend to work and needed a hobby to fill the day. We rented an apartment in Lake Oswego, and I found a quilt shop in the city. I went in and bought some fabric for a sofa pillow.

I learned that the shop also hosted some classes and I signed up for Quiltmaking 1 - machine piecing for beginners. Luckily I got Billie Mahorney as teacher. She is a unique teacher, a very skilled quilter and is teaching traditional machine precision piecing.

It is very important learning to cut and sew accurate to be able to develop a good technique. These skills were further developed on Quiltmaking 2 & 3. This included different star blocks which you normally would hand sew on paper,(English paperpiecing), but this was done by machine. A lot of mathematics and the blocks are drawn on graph paper. It was difficult, but a good way to precisely calculate how to cut and sew.

This was the start of a lot of classes covering many different techniques which I will love to share with quilters in Denmark.

I returned to Denmark in Spring 2009. And opened my Quiltstudio. I am teaching a beginner class in machine piecing, and I hope to teach other classes in different tecniques.





























Jeg har meget stor glæde af at være med i to quiltegrupper, hvor jeg mødes med nogle rigtig søde  og dygtige quiltere. Det er meget lærerigt at se hvad andre laver og udveksle erfaringer.