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Our old bedquilt.

The first projekt I started in 1991. Handpieced on paper. Took 8 years to finish.

Rie's bedquilt - 2004

Handpieced on paper by Trine and I for Rie's 30'th Birthday.

Odden Quilt

Started in 2004 in Denmark -finished in Lake Oswego Febr. 2006. Maschinpieced and quilted.

"The long road to Las Vegas"

Quilted for my sister an brother in law who got married in Las Vegas, July 2006. Maschinpieced and freemotionquilted on my Bernina.

My new bedquilt, Spring 2009

Jens and I picked out fabric and colour before he died. And he saw it almost finished.

Machinquilted by Jan Sims, Sisters, Oregon. Oct. 09

Bedquilt Spring 2010

Quilted for my friends, Annemarie & Svend.

Machinquilted by Jan Sims, Sisters, Oregon. June 2010.