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A design wall is a "must" if you want to see your blocks in a bigger perspective. A piece of batting is very effective. The blocks stays on the batting without pinning, and you can move them around as you like.








Chain piecing is a method I use a lot when I'm sewing a lot of blocks. To save thread and avoid "bird nest" on the back, I put a little piece of fabric in the machine before I remove my blocks. That way I don't have to cut the thread all the time.




  When I have many block that are alike, I put them on the wall, and when I like the placement of the different fabrics and colors, I put one block at a time between the pages in a magazine. Then I can start sewing, taking one block out at a time.



  Who likes to rip long seams up when you sew wrong? I use a moustache clipper. I pin the block that I have to rip up to my ironing board, and start the moustache clipper. I doesn't rip the fabric, only the thread. I pick up the thread with painters tape rolled around two fingers.